Alternative Energien / alternative energy 93
Alternative Treibstoffe / alternative fuels 21
Architekten /architect 9
Autogas / car gas 5
√Ėkologisch Bauen / ecological building 30
√Ėkologische Geldanlagen /ecological investments 30
√Ėkologische Produkte / ecologically products 11
Batterien / batteries 9
Berater / consulting 13
Biogas / gasification 19
Biokraftstoffe / bio fuel 73
Biomasse / biomass 70
Blockheizkraftwerke BHKW / BHPS block heating power systems CHP Units 83
Brennstoffzellen / fuel cells 36
Dampfmaschinen / steam power 4
E85 Ethanol Kraftstoff, Ethanol fuel 13
Elektrizität / electricity 33
Energie sparen / save energy 39
Energieagenturen / energy agencies 14
Energieberater / energy consulting 37
Energierecht, Rechtsberatung / legal advice, attorneys 5
Energiespeicherung / energy conservation 14
Energieverschwendung / waste energy 7
Erneuerbare Energien / renewable energy 22
Fahrzeuge / vehicles cars 436
Finanzierung / financing 45
Finanzinformation / financial information stocks 24
Forschung und Entwicklung /research and development 4
Freie Energie / free energy 2
Geothermie / geothermal energy 65
Gezeitenkraftwerke / tidal energy 3
Globale Erwärmung / global warming 15
Green Energy 69
Haustechnik / housing technology 43
Heiztechnik /heating technology 174
Informationsportale / web portal systems 94
Ingenieurb√ľros / engineering 18
Jobs Stellenangebote / jobs 6
Klimawandel / Climate Change 8
Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung / power heat interconnection cogeneration 24
Kraftwerksbau / power plant 1
Medien u. Verlage / press, newspapers 7
Meeresenergie / ocean energy, wave power 19
Muskelkraft / human power 2
Nanotechnologie / Nano technology 4
Organisationen / organisations 7
Peak Oil 12
Pelletpressen / machines for wood pellet production 1
Pellets / wood pellets 64
Photovoltaik / photovoltaics 758
Recycling 5
Rohstoffe / natural resources 1
Solar Energy 453
Spezielles / assorted 33
Umwelt / environment 25
Umwelttechnik / environmental technology 3
Umweltverträglichkeit / sustainability 3
Vereine Clubs / Associations 39
Verkehrskonzepte / Traffic concepts 5
Videos 8
Wasserkraft / hydro power 34
Wasserstoff / Hydrogen 6
Wärmepumpe / heat pump 163
Wärmetauscher / recuperator, heat exchanger 2
Web 2.0 / social networking 11
Windenergie / wind power 61

Link ID 2219
Titel Earthrace
Beschreibung The goal of Earthrace is to set a new world record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the globe, running 100% renewable biodiesel fuel, and with a net zero carbon footprint. The amazing Earthrace boat will make the attempt starting from Sagunto in Spain. Earthrace is also undertaking a two year promotional tour, visiting 100 great cities around the globe. The crew meet local people, talk about their experiences, and most of all connect with people about the need to get renewable fuels into our energy mix and to inspire them to do something themselves to minimise their impact on the environment.
Kategorie Alternative Energien / alternative energy
Datum May 29, 2008
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  Renewable Energy Database is the major European Database of Comapanies and Organisations dealing with green energy.
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Windenergie / wind power

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  Renewable and alternative energy resources, green power, fuel cells, alternative fuel vehicles, solar energy, water power or hydropower, wave, tidal, or ocean energy, wind power.
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  EUFORES is a non-profit organization founded 1995 amongst others by Parliamentarians. EUFORES aimes at promoting the further deployment of renewable energies and energy efficiency measures within Europe. It is a European parliamentary network with Members from the European Parliament as well as from the national EU Member States Parliaments. EUFORES is financed by sponsorships, grants and members' contributions.

Since its foundation, EUFORES has developed a comprehensive institutional network at EU and national level, and become one of the driving forces in the renewable energy sector. Through close contacts with Members of the European Parliament and national Parliaments as well as key players in the private sector, EUFORES stimulates the exchange of information in a structured way.

Through its cooperation in various projects and studies, EUFORES has gained widest experience in dissemination of information. It advises on policy, disseminates up to date information to its members and follows and promotes beneficial legislation (i.e. by various projects) in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

As part of its efforts, it organises regularly Inter-Parliamentary Meetings on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, the seventh of which was held in Berlin in October 2007, an additional one was held during the Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels (IPM@EUSEW2008) in January 2008.
The next - IPM8 - will be held in the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest on 7th November 2008.

Benefits of EUFORES:

* EUFORES promotes legislation for the benefit of renewable energy and energy efficiency
* Network and Access to the wide range of contacts
* Database of nearly 10,000 Key-players involved in the renewables sector
* Strong links to EU and national institutions
* Dissemination of information about developments in EU legislation and conferences and events
* Organising of the Inter-Parliamentary Meeting on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
* legal advise to the Members
* political consulting
Kategorie:   Alternative Energien / alternative energy
Vereine Clubs / Associations

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