Offshore Wind Energy - Information for professionals

Alternative Energien / alternative energy 93
Alternative Treibstoffe / alternative fuels 21
Architekten /architect 9
Autogas / car gas 5
Ökologisch Bauen / ecological building 30
Ökologische Geldanlagen /ecological investments 30
Ökologische Produkte / ecologically products 11
Batterien / batteries 9
Berater / consulting 13
Biogas / gasification 19
Biokraftstoffe / bio fuel 73
Biomasse / biomass 70
Blockheizkraftwerke BHKW / BHPS block heating power systems CHP Units 83
Brennstoffzellen / fuel cells 36
Dampfmaschinen / steam power 4
E85 Ethanol Kraftstoff, Ethanol fuel 13
Elektrizität / electricity 33
Energie sparen / save energy 39
Energieagenturen / energy agencies 14
Energieberater / energy consulting 37
Energierecht, Rechtsberatung / legal advice, attorneys 5
Energiespeicherung / energy conservation 14
Energieverschwendung / waste energy 7
Erneuerbare Energien / renewable energy 22
Fahrzeuge / vehicles cars 436
Finanzierung / financing 45
Finanzinformation / financial information stocks 24
Forschung und Entwicklung /research and development 4
Freie Energie / free energy 2
Geothermie / geothermal energy 65
Gezeitenkraftwerke / tidal energy 3
Globale Erwärmung / global warming 15
Green Energy 69
Haustechnik / housing technology 43
Heiztechnik /heating technology 174
Informationsportale / web portal systems 94
Ingenieurbüros / engineering 18
Jobs Stellenangebote / jobs 6
Klimawandel / Climate Change 8
Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung / power heat interconnection cogeneration 24
Kraftwerksbau / power plant 1
Medien u. Verlage / press, newspapers 7
Meeresenergie / ocean energy, wave power 19
Muskelkraft / human power 2
Nanotechnologie / Nano technology 4
Organisationen / organisations 7
Peak Oil 12
Pelletpressen / machines for wood pellet production 1
Pellets / wood pellets 64
Photovoltaik / photovoltaics 758
Recycling 5
Rohstoffe / natural resources 1
Solar Energy 453
Spezielles / assorted 33
Umwelt / environment 25
Umwelttechnik / environmental technology 3
Umweltverträglichkeit / sustainability 3
Vereine Clubs / Associations 39
Verkehrskonzepte / Traffic concepts 5
Videos 8
Wasserkraft / hydro power 34
Wasserstoff / Hydrogen 6
Wärmepumpe / heat pump 163
Wärmetauscher / recuperator, heat exchanger 2
Web 2.0 / social networking 11
Windenergie / wind power 61

Offshore Wind Energy - Information for professionals
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Titel Offshore Wind Energy - Information for professionals
Beschreibung offshore wind energy website for professional users
The purpose of the Offshore Wind Energy website is to be a general source of information and knowledge to existing and new professionals working in the field of offshore wind energy.
Apart from the expert guides, which provide an Introduction to Subjects in this field, the site also wishes to be an up-to-date and convenient source for the latest information on offshore wind energy. We hope to do this in five ways:
(i) by providing a list of events of interest; the date, location and brief description of the events plus dates for abstract submission
(ii) by providing news about the latest research activities in offshore wind energy
(iii) by providing a database with documents
(iv) by providing up-to-date information about existing windfarms and windfarms under construction.
(v) by using the website as a portal for research projects
We welcome any information or corrections you are able to email us at the email-addresses in this link
The Complete Concerted Action reports continue to be available on this website; they are accessible via the item 'projects' on the main menu bar at the top of the page.
The website is managed by TU-Delft with contributions of Paul Vermeulen Consultancy.
Kategorie Windenergie / wind power
Keywords offshore wind energy windenergy power windpower farm windfarm windfarms turbine windturbine renewable
Datum Apr 9, 2008
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Kategorie:   Windenergie / wind power

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