REPOWERING SOLUTIONS buys and sells used wind turbines. We supply secondhand turbines from Vestas, E

Alternative Energien / alternative energy 93
Alternative Treibstoffe / alternative fuels 21
Architekten /architect 9
Autogas / car gas 5
├ľkologisch Bauen / ecological building 30
├ľkologische Geldanlagen /ecological investments 30
├ľkologische Produkte / ecologically products 11
Batterien / batteries 9
Berater / consulting 13
Biogas / gasification 19
Biokraftstoffe / bio fuel 73
Biomasse / biomass 70
Blockheizkraftwerke BHKW / BHPS block heating power systems CHP Units 83
Brennstoffzellen / fuel cells 36
Dampfmaschinen / steam power 4
E85 Ethanol Kraftstoff, Ethanol fuel 13
Elektrizit├Ąt / electricity 33
Energie sparen / save energy 39
Energieagenturen / energy agencies 14
Energieberater / energy consulting 37
Energierecht, Rechtsberatung / legal advice, attorneys 5
Energiespeicherung / energy conservation 14
Energieverschwendung / waste energy 7
Erneuerbare Energien / renewable energy 22
Fahrzeuge / vehicles cars 436
Finanzierung / financing 45
Finanzinformation / financial information stocks 24
Forschung und Entwicklung /research and development 4
Freie Energie / free energy 2
Geothermie / geothermal energy 65
Gezeitenkraftwerke / tidal energy 3
Globale Erw├Ąrmung / global warming 15
Green Energy 69
Haustechnik / housing technology 43
Heiztechnik /heating technology 174
Informationsportale / web portal systems 94
Ingenieurb├╝ros / engineering 18
Jobs Stellenangebote / jobs 6
Klimawandel / Climate Change 8
Kraft-W├Ąrme-Kopplung / power heat interconnection cogeneration 24
Kraftwerksbau / power plant 1
Medien u. Verlage / press, newspapers 7
Meeresenergie / ocean energy, wave power 19
Muskelkraft / human power 2
Nanotechnologie / Nano technology 4
Organisationen / organisations 7
Peak Oil 12
Pelletpressen / machines for wood pellet production 1
Pellets / wood pellets 64
Photovoltaik / photovoltaics 758
Recycling 5
Rohstoffe / natural resources 1
Solar Energy 453
Spezielles / assorted 33
Umwelt / environment 25
Umwelttechnik / environmental technology 3
Umweltvertr├Ąglichkeit / sustainability 3
Vereine Clubs / Associations 39
Verkehrskonzepte / Traffic concepts 5
Videos 8
Wasserkraft / hydro power 34
Wasserstoff / Hydrogen 6
W├Ąrmepumpe / heat pump 163
W├Ąrmetauscher / recuperator, heat exchanger 2
Web 2.0 / social networking 11
Windenergie / wind power 61

REPOWERING SOLUTIONS buys and sells used wind turbines. We supply secondhand turbines from Vestas, E
Link ID 1676
Titel REPOWERING SOLUTIONS buys and sells used wind turbines. We supply secondhand turbines from Vestas, E
Beschreibung REPOWERING SOLUTIONS buys and sells used wind turbines. We supply secondhand turbines from Vestas, Enercon, Bonus, NEG-Micon, Nordex, Tacke and others
Kategorie Alternative Energien / alternative energy
Elektrizit├Ąt / electricity
Solar Energy
Keywords energy eolic
Datum Feb 10, 2008
Name der Kontaktperson Alfonso Alvaro
Straße und Hausnr. Santa beatriz 11
PLZ Madrid
Ort Madrid
Land Spain
Telefon 34697921445
Email Email senden an Alfonso Alvaro

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4. The Masdar Initiative
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As the first major hydrocarbon-producing nation to take such a step, it has established its leadership position by launching the Masdar Initiative, a global cooperative platform for open engagement in the search for solutions to some of mankind's most pressing issues: energy security, climate change and truly sustainable human development.

Abu Dhabi is leveraging its substantial resources and expertise in global energy markets into the technologies of the future. One key objective of Masdar is to position Abu Dhabi as a world-class research and development hub for new energy technologies, while ensuring that Abu Dhabi maintains a strong position in world energy markets.

A related objective is to drive the commercialization and adoption of these and other technologies in sustainable energy, carbon management and water utilization. In doing so, Masdar will play a decisive role in Abu Dhabi's transition from technology consumer to technology producer. The goal is the establishment of an entirely-new economic sector in Abu Dhabi around these new industries, which will assist economic diversification and the development of knowledge-based industries.

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We know that people can and want to make a difference by showing and sharing with the world what they are doing to be green. We welcome companies, individuals, families, schools, kids, teachers and organizations to Upload & Watch videos on the site. It's free to Upload & Watch videos. We are a community and a network that is changing the world through Green Media coverage.
The source of inspiration for the founding of the company comes from our passion for the environment. We also believe that the viewing audience craves honest and fair reporting of stories that really matter. We are dedicated to green and committed to sharing innovative ideas and tips to help educate individuals and organizations to use cleaner alternatives in their everyday environment.
Participants can easily Upload their videos Free of Charge, from cities and countries all around the world. Videos will be reviewed and accessible to anyone with internet access at no cost. Our viewers can search and view the solutions that address their specific need. Videos are also sought from companies, inventors, colleges and universities with existing or breakthrough green energy technology that is waiting to be discovered and marketed to the world.
The concept was launched to create a One-Stop-Shop information media outlet relating to any and all Green/Renewable/Alternative Energy undertakings. We are dedicated to our viewers and we will continue to offer new technology, information, content, resources and services to help educate viewers from around the world.
We will develop revenue streams through advertising opportunities and sponsorship. We will use some of the revenue to install solar/wind energy projects in Third World countries. These energies can pump fresh/clean drinking water from deep below the earth's surface and provide many other benefits to impoverished people.
Videos we air include: Solar Energy, Wind Power, Hydro Power, Hydrogen, Fuels, Geothermal, Wave/Tidal Energy, Energy Conservation, Recycling, Hybrid vehicles, Organic, Green Building, Recycling, and more.
Kategorie:   Alternative Energien / alternative energy
Informationsportale / web portal systems

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