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1. Renewable Energy Database

Renewable Energy Database is the major European Database of Comapanies and Organisations dealing with green energy.
Kategorie:   Alternative Energien / alternative energy
Photovoltaik / photovoltaics
Windenergie / wind power

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2. sun engineering von CentroConsult

Wir planen und projektieren f├╝r KMU und Kommunen individuelle schl├╝sselfertige Solarkraftwerke von der Standortanalyse mit Ertragsgutachten ├╝ber die Finanzierung und Auftragsvergabe zur Wartung und ├ťberwachung Ihres Solarkraftwerkes.
Herstellerneutral und ertragsoptimiert. Reagieren Sie rechtzeitig auf explodierende Energiepreise und bereiten Sie den Weg f├╝r eine dezentrale Energieversorgung.
Die Garantiegebung, dass Sie dabei nicht nur Ihrer Umwelt helfen, sondern auch noch optimale Vorsorge mit hohem Renditeziel schaffen, ist unsere wichtigste Aufgabe.
Kategorie:   Solar Energy
Berater / consulting
Ingenieurb├╝ros / engineering

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3. Cool Earth Solar

CoolEarth Solar provides renewable solar energy solutions. Our technology incorporates inflatable, photovoltaic collectors to enable solar energy farming at well below the cost of coal and other non-renewable energy sources
Kategorie:   Photovoltaik / photovoltaics > Concentrating PV Systems

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4. Information on renewable energy, solar power cars, wind power and more at

Teachers and students can learn about renewable energy, solar power, wind energy, water power and biomass energy. Download renewable energy lesson plans and construction plans for working models of solar power cars, solar ovens, wind power turbines, water wheels and biogas generators.
Kategorie:   Informationsportale / web portal systems

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5. Renewable Energy Resources

Renewable and alternative energy resources, green power, fuel cells, alternative fuel vehicles, solar energy, water power or hydropower, wave, tidal, or ocean energy, wind power.
Kategorie:   Alternative Energien / alternative energy

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Canrom Photovoltaics Inc. is a Canadian company based in Hamilton, Ontario, which develops world class solar cells, solar modules, and complete and solar systems. Canrom invests heavily in equipment, and research and development, to produce highly efficient solar equipment for commercial applications. Canrom produces a range of power systems for home, marine, and industrial uses. Current research and development efforts are focused on the development of cadnium telluride thin film solar cells. Canrom's photovoltaic modules are guaranteed for 12 years.
Kategorie:   Photovoltaik / photovoltaics > Solarmodul Marken / Solar Module Brands

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7. California Solar Center is designed to be a prime source of information on solar energy activity in California. was created and is currently managed by The Rahus Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization, working to promote greater use of renewable energy through education, research, program and policy development. Californiasolarcenter exists only on the internet. There is no physical place as yet, though that may be something for the future.
In the early stages of 2001, we've seen an incredible surge in interest about solar energy. The California Energy Crisis has put energy on the mind of everyone. Solar energy can be a large part of a sustainable energy future for the state of California, and can provide a positive example for the rest of the nation. To achieve this, we must first understand what is 'solar energy' - the technology and the design practices - and what each is capable of doing. John Perlin has provided a history section reviewing 2500 years of solar technology and architecture - providing a historical perspective from which we can move forward toward developing a sustainable society based on solar and other renewable energy resources. The current crisis can be a powerful motivator to adopt positive change.
Our goal, through, is to provide timely and accurate information to help develop the market for solar energy technology and design practices in California and to assist consumers, businesses, and policy makers move toward a clean energy future without compromising the environment or the economy.
I invite you to check back frequently for updates as we add new features to the site in the coming months. Your feedback can help guide the content and development of the site.
Kategorie:   Photovoltaik / photovoltaics
Solar Energy

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8. Wind Power

OTHERPOWER.COM - A resource of information and materials for alternative power sources
Kategorie:   Alternative Energien / alternative energy
Windenergie / wind power

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9. Energy-Efficient, Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Roofing

Solar Integrated provides energy-efficient roofing and replacement roofing systems with or without building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).
Kategorie:   Photovoltaik / photovoltaics > Hersteller / Manufacturer
Photovoltaik / photovoltaics > Flachdach Solaranlagen / building integrated photovoltaic

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10. Development of a selfstarting and twice double Acting Alpha-Type Stirling Engine for Use with Heatso

Development of a selfstarting and twice double Acting Alpha-Type Stirling Engine for Use with Heatsources of Low to Medium Temperatures; STMOT2: A Computer Programm for the Simulation of the Heat-Process and the Dynamic of Alpha-Type Stirling Engines
Kategorie:   Kraft-W├Ąrme-Kopplung / power heat interconnection cogeneration > Stirlingmotor / stirling motor

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