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1. The Green Company | Home | Wind, Turbine, Carbon, Electricity, Provide - The Green Company

The Green Company installs wind turbines, windmills and home wind generators. We were the first wind turbine installer to be accredited by the DTI'...
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2. Green Energy Resources

Green Energy Resources is a publicly traded, environmentally friendly GREEN STOCK, (symbol GRGR) working with industry for green certificates. Europe and America's first choice for reliable, low cost, high quality, high BTU/ KCAL heating valued wood fiber fuels. Green Energy Resources is the only American company to offer, the stringent UTCS environmental certification, and is 100% Kyoto compliant. Products include biomass, and woodchips for direct energy and gasification, as well as sawdust, to reduce coal-polluting emissions in co-firing.
Kategorie:   Green Energy

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